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«Crusader» – Russian historical journal.

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Issued from 2015.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Aleksei V. Korobeinikov[Россия]Medieval Tract «Arab Archery» About the Parameters of Bows and Arrows as A Historical Source2015, June1366
2Ruslan B. Gagua[Беларусь]The Battle of Woplawki: the Fall of Anticrusaders Campaigns of Grand Duke of Lituania Vitenes2015, June1302
3Viktor Muderevych[Украина], Inna Kubaj[Украина]Military-political and Dynastic Princes Russian Contacts with the Crusaders XII – Early XIII Centuries2015, June1182
4Nikolas W. Mitiukov[Россия], Elena L. Busygina[Россия]Aeroballistic Parameters of Arab arrows On the Medieval Tract "Arab Archery"2015, June1095
5Timur Khusyainov [Россия]The Emergence and Development of Minting Silver Coins in the Hospitaller Order of the Holding Period the Island of Rhodes2016, March1016
6Merab Surguladze[Грузия]A Christian Coalition: The Georgian King David IV in the Struggle against the Seljuk Turks (the Late 11th and Early 12th Centuries)2015, September1015
7Ruslan B. Gagua [Беларусь]The Teutonic Order and the civil war between Vitautas and Skirgaila (1390–1392)2016, March972
8Timur M. Khusyainov[Россия]Features of Coinage Tripoli2016, December916
9Nikolas W. Mitiukov[Россия]References to the Crimean campaign of Kniaz Golitsyn in the chronicles «The Success and Progress of the Holy League»2016, March879
10Sergey L. Dudarev [Россия]Transformation of the Concept "Crusade" in the Socio-political Context of World History of Modern and Contemporary age2016, March818

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